The Trampoline Park with Sprinklers

Price $665. -I Remember the Trampoline Park with Sprinklers 36"x24" mixed media on canvas ©2009

Price $665. -I Remember the Trampoline Park with Sprinklers 36″x24″ mixed media on canvas ©2009

So back in the day, there was a trampoline park down the street. I think it cost like $1.50 for 30 minutes and for an extra .25 cents, they would turn on the sprinklers, which today, really sounds like an extreme safety hazard.

When you first arrived to the park, you had to walk down a path covered by a breezeway and white gravel on the ground. On the left side of the walkway were these signs with crazy looking zombie creatures painted on them. Next to each zombie was a handwritten list of potential hazards and various warnings related to trampoline jumping. The phrase “at your own risk” still comes to mind when I think of a trampoline.

I can’t tell you how many times I fell off or hit the side rails on the way down. I was far from athletic, let alone a gymnast, but I sure tried to flip and turn my airborne body in every direction imaginable. Surprisingly, I never broke anything, just some minor bumps and bruises and lots of  silly laughter…

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