I Remember the Bus Stop…

The Bus Stop

I was the first American born in my family, everyone else was from Colombia. My mom was brought to this country with the promise of a better future, but was unfortunately let down. Not knowing any English and alone with 2 young girls, my mom found herself in survival mode. Luckily, she proved to be a strong, independent, creative, hard working woman. My mom figured out ways to make ends meet and she brought my sister and I to a place that many families in our same positions don’t ever see. I owe my life to her and the sacrifices made to give us a better life. This image depicts the time spent waiting for the bus, sometimes it was early in the morning on the way to one of my mom’s various jobs or sometimes it was late at night after a day of running around taking care of errands.

A friend recently brought to my attention how hip my mom is in these modern times of “going green.” Ever since I can remember my mom found ways to live off the land, this stems from her upbringing in a small town in Colombia. Growing up we had chickens that provided eggs and sometimes meat, various fruits or vegetable either home grown or picked from the over grown brush around town, and on various occasions we found ourselves fishing and crabbing along Lake Pontchartrain. My mom continues many of these practices today and it’s beautiful to see and to learn. My mom rocks 🙂