OPERATION: Bring Art To the People…

…(AKA: JAX ART HUNTS) was a HUGE Success 🙂

A work by local artist, Tony Rodrigues, strategically hidden near River City Brewing Co.

So, our first official JAX ART HUNT was last Saturday, Feb. 5th, 2011 and it was AWESOME! In less that a 2 week period the schematics & blue prints were developed, a web page went up, and at least a dozen artists were eager to participate and turned in work for this monumental event.

Some may ask, “Why is the JAX ART HUNT a monumental event?” The answer is this: instead of waiting for the people to come to the art, we are bringing the art to the people. As we all know, art is a powerful tool in any community. but it’s only powerful if it’s valued and appreciated by the people. Having a strong art community helps generate extra revenue into a city by increasing tourism, creating jobs, and elevating property values. Exposing people to art also stimulates creative & intellectual thinking which directly & favorably impacts test scores in every age group from elementary to higher education. But, those are just the minor effects that art has on a community when the real benefit is how it feeds the soul, inspires the heart, challenges the mind, and improves everyone’s quality of life.

The JAX ART HUNTS will encourage people to go out and actively support the arts, explore our amazing community, discover local artists and it will expose random people to the power or art. The artists who are participating and donating their work are directly investing in the future of Jacksonville. This is an amazing public art project that will continue to grow by leaps and bounds and the possibilities are infinite.

To find out how this local project started be sure to read: ART HUNT?! WHAT IS THAT?! & check out Chicago artist: Patrick Skoff.

To participate or donate to the JAX ART HUNTS, be sure to visit: Art in Strange Places for more info.

Be sure to stay in THE KNOW on Facebook at any of the following pages: Art in Strange Places, Arbus, or/and Yvonne C. Lozano

And/or on Twitter: Art in Strange Places,  or/and Yvonne C. Lozano

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