Operation: Bring Art to the People Continues

You may remember, about a year ago, I stumbled across a Chicago artist named Patrick Skoff, who had figured out a way to impact the masses with his art by doing art hunts. As an artist, Patrick had taken note how many people felt disconnected to art in general, feeling that art was unattainable and for other people of “higher” means in society to enjoy or own. This mindset has resulted in many people missing out on the enormous impact that art has on individuals and in communities. The idea behind the art hunts was simple: Patrick made art, he attached a note to the back explaining his motives, then he left the art somewhere in the city, random people found it, read the note and were blessed with a beautiful piece of art. The idea is simple & beautiful and backed by an artist with a tremendously generous heart.

The Art Hunt idea is way deeper than just getting “free art.” It’s about an artist sharing his vision for art to be accessible to everyone, it’s about showing and teaching the masses how much art improves the quality of life for everyone, it’s about bringing something beautiful, thought provoking, and stimulating to our eyes that will make us stop just long enough to remember to breathe and smile and re-engage with the world around us one piece of art at a time.

Now the time has come. After spending the past year doing an extreme makeover on his “bus” (which is now a studio/living space on wheels), finding sponsors, networking, marketing, creating art, doing speeches, presentations, talks, teaching, etc etc etc., Patrick is on the final phase of his National Art Hunt prep: scoping out the journey. He hit the road last night and has been leaving little puzzle piece “teasers” along the way. He will be in sunny Jacksonville, FL within the next couple of days. I can’t wait to show him our local art scene, hopefully throw down some paint with him in my studio, take him on a scenic tour of our fabulous city, and help get all the ducks lined up for when he returns in a few weeks for the full blown NATIONAL ART HUNT.

This is going to be awesome 🙂

UPDATE: Patrick will be in Jacksonville in time for the January First Wednesday Art Walk, be sure to follow my Facebook/Twitter page for regular updates on what’s going down with his visit.

Keep up to date with Patrick on his Facebook page or Twitter & check out where he’s leaving his art through the Sneaky Love site.

I highly recommend checking out these links about Patrick so you can get a real feel for the enormous impact he’s had on so many people by sharing his work and vision with the masses:

CBS Chicago interview

New City Art Article

Kickstarter Video

The News Dispatch


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