One Spark meets #IMJAX

So, there’s this little event coming to Jacksonville known as One Spark. Chances are you might of heard about it, and if you haven’t then you may want to consider moving out of your cave because you might just miss out on one of the biggest things to hit Jacksonville. In a nutshell, it’s a festival that invites and encourages entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators alike to showcase their ideas to the masses to connect with a $250,000 crowd-fund plus additional capital investments and individual contributions in the hopes of making their ideas become realities.

And just so you all know, I am officially a One Spark Creator and will be showcasing my idea at the Hemming Plaza Skyway Station. You may be asking yourself, “What is your idea, Yvonne?” In which, I will graciously respond to you, “That is a fantastic question, and thank you for asking. As an extension of my Operation: Bring Art to the People project, without further ado, I present to you: #IMJAX.”

Poster 8x10

#IMJAX is a public/social art project that focuses on & celebrates the people who make up Jacksonville. Everyone who lives in northeast Florida can say with confidence “I Am Jacksonville.”

As everyone knows, it’s everyday people who make up a great city and this is an opportunity to highlight those people. My project will entail photographing people throughout our region, taking those photos & transforming them into life size silhouettes, those silhouettes will then be mounted throughout the walls of downtown. Each silhouette figure will have a QR code that when scanned, takes you to a small bio for that specific person. We often complain about how vacant and lonely our downtown is after 5 pm & on weekends, but picture hundreds of these silhouettes covering the walls of various downtown businesses and even throughout the abandoned buildings. With the figures in place, it will give the feel of a busy bustling downtown. In essence, it’ll be a precursor of what our downtown will begin to look like as we continue to grow. With hundreds to thousands of people from all walks of life directly connected to this project, the word of mouth buzz will be infectious, the excitement of seeing yourself in a piece of public art will drive people to bring themselves, friends & family to our urban core. It will re-engage that feeling of pride we had as children when we got to be part of something bigger than us.This project can also be extended to include these figures scattered randomly throughout the city that when scanned, they give an informative glimpse into the full scale project housed in our downtown along with that particular figure’s bio. This project can also incorporate a large scale interactive mural in the center of downtown that will elaborate and give a more in depth illustration of the vision behind the project. It will encourage people from all walks of life to participate, along with local heroes, public officials, and even our beloved pets. Due to the nature of the figures being faceless with little identifying characteristics, it’ll help to spread the message loud and clear that we are ALL important and vital to our city and that individually we can say with confidence: I M JAX 🙂

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