Free Art Drop Extravaganza

Dingo on a mission Skyway columns Final 72

By now, you may have heard about my One Spark 2014 project called The Dingo Walks in Love. In a nutshell, I will use the power of art, the power of public art, the power of socially engaging public art, and not to mention the power of social media to spread very valuable lessons in love. The star of this new series will be none other than, The Dingo, who will be beautifully demonstrating how to walk in love through various scenarios which include but are not limited to: Love is Patient, Love is Considerate, Love is Environmentally Aware, Love is Community, Love is Sharing the Road, Love is Kind, Love is Humble, etc. These illustrations will be printed and used in my free Art Drops, will be self-published in a book/ebook, will be shared through social media, and last but not least will be used for future public murals.

All this is in an effort to spread lessons in love, be reminders of how to love, be opportunities for teaching moments for the young and old alike. The broader the reach, the broader the impact of this project. To start this impact sooner than later, I will be doing a month long Dingo Walks in Love Free Art Drop Extravaganza with the featured illustration being prints of: Love is Patient. Untitled_artwork-1

There will be 2 free art drops a day for the entire month of March throughout the city of Jacksonville and beyond. Here’s where I need your help:

  • I need your help spreading the word about my project. Whether it be through social media, a personal email to friends and family, or even by word of mouth. Following the project on Facebook & Twitter is a great start because from there you’ll be able to share, tweet, retweet, post, like, etc the project as it develops and you’ll also have a better chance of scoring a free piece of art through the many Art Drops that I’ll be doing related to this project.
  • I need your support. The time and funds required to pull off a month long Art Drop and an opportunity like One Spark 2014 is HUGE! Consider making a financial contribution, purchasing some art from my online Etsy Store, or becoming an official sponsor (contact me no later than Friday Feb. 21, 2014 to arrange sponsorship) of The Dingo Walks in Love Free Art Drop Extravaganza.

We’ve all experienced moments of anger, offense, and hate at some point in our lives, but like the saying goes: Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Whether we are the ones initiating the love or reacting in love, we can never have too much of it in our world. Help me to use the power of art to spread this message far and wide. Thank you for all your support. Now go out and make this world a better place 🙂


Yvonne C. Lozano (YCLART)

Email: Phone: 904-881-0120

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