Reddi Arts

Mural At Reddi Arts 1037 Hendricks Ave. JAX, FL, Click to read the story behind this mural.


Church of Jacksonville

8313 Bay Center Rd. Jacksonville, FL Indoor mural for the Children’s Ministry Treasure Trove 

Treasure Trove Mural #1 2010

Treasure Trove Mural #2 2010


Wolfson’s Children Hospital Pediatric Imaging Unit

Room 1: Under the Sea

Room 2: The Tree

Room 3: Pets in the Park


Head Start Mural

Moncrief Rd. Jacksonville, FL Head Start Mural 2010


The Barking Lot

McDuff Ave. Jacksonville, FL

The Barking Lot Mural 2006


Humane Society Thrift Store

Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL

Humane Society Thrift Store Mural 2005