IMJAX 28: Naquaisah

28. Naquaisah

28. Naquaisah


First Name: Naquaisah
Age: 22
Occupation: Health Educator/Coach
Favorite Childhood Memory: Playing “Steal the Bacon” and “Hot Peas and Butter” in NY
Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): I never had a pet, but I would love to one day have a miniature dog!
What Inspires You?: Success inspires me. I want to be successful in whatever it is I decide to do.
List One Thing On Your Bucket List: Visit Egypt
Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: Poetry nights at the Cypher
Any Hidden Talents?: I wish!
Anything Random You’d Like to Share?: I can count to ten in 5 different languages ( English, Tagalog, Japanese, Spanish, and German). I have also done quite a bit of travelling ( a few places in England; Dublin; Paris; Tokyo; Milan; Venice; a few places in Germany; and the Bahamas)

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