IMJAX11: Kim

11 Kim Ramsey 72

First Name: Kim
Age: 58 years young
Occupation: Creator of an amazing life!
Favorite Childhood Memory: Summertimes at our family cabin in Northern Michigan.  Romping in the woods, floating down the river, fishing off the pier and gazing at the stars while rocking in a hammock.
Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): Indy, my beloved labradoodle is the sweetest, smartest dog EVER!  He loves people, dogs, children and has his Canine Good Citizen award and Pet Therapy certification.
What Inspires You? Everything about this world inspires me for there is so much to appreciate and behold particularly beautiful gardens, walking along the ocean, hiking in the mountains, trees, and children with their incredible energy and of course music moves me and gets my feet a dancing!
List One Thing On Your Bucket List: So many places I will explore and things I will create it’s hard to pick out just one!, but I would love to see my story up on the big screen.
Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: Being able to enjoy the ocean and the beautiful St. John’s River is indeed a treasure!
Any Hidden Talents?: No hidden talents because I live my life wide open sharing whatever inspires me at any given moment, whether it’s gardening, cooking, singing, writing, designing or just Being!
Anything Random You’d Like to Share?: I believe we are all here to re-member who we really are, and allow the radiance of our Soul’s essence to shine brightly, creating the loving, peaceful and abundant world we all dream of!
Website Address: (coming soon!)

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