IMJAX13: Zina

13 Zina Boyd 72

First Name: Zina
Age: 36
Occupation: ESL Instructor
Favorite Childhood Memory: Driving around Germany with my family and eating brotchen from bakeries.
Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): My favorite pet was Jordan. He always wanted to play. You throw him the ball and would nearly have to tackle him to get it back. He was also our in-house Houdini.
What Inspires You? Sunlight, hearing peoples dreams, travel, astronomy.
List One Thing On Your Bucket List: I want to meet some penguins in Antarctica.
Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: The MODIS Building. It’s simple and elegant.
Any Hidden Talents?: I speak Japanese and bake Bacon Apple Pies.
Anything Random You’d Like to Share?: I named a mountain in Japan! I collect R2D2 and Darth Vader stuff.
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