IMJAX25- Michael

25 michael 72

First Name: Michael

Age: 52

Occupation: Graphic Designer, Artist, Writer, Husband, Father… too many to list all of them.

Favorite Childhood Memory: Family trips

Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): My two dogs. Both are rescues.

What Inspires You? The wonders of creation… my family…

List One Thing On Your Bucket List: finishing my novel

Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: What’s not to like? (OK, we still have a few things to improve but we are on our way!) The River is such a treasure for Jacksonville and it is SO under appreciated. I also love the arts scene here.

Any Hidden Talents?: What you see is what you get. And if you don’t see it, ask.

Anything Random You’d Like to Share?: Speak up and speak out.

Website: It isn’t mine specifically, but I am an organizer and think you’ll like it just the same.

Learn more about the I AM JAX Movement.

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