IMJAX6- Leilani

6 leilani 72

First Name: Leilani

Occupation: Executive Assistant by day, Lover of the Arts by night

Favorite Childhood Memory: Riding bikes, playing outside with friends,
drinking out of the hose to avoid going indoors (where moms can ALWAYS
find something for you to clean;), climbing trees, singing, and
entertaining ourselves to the point of uncontrollable laughter.

Tell me about your favorite pet: Too many fuzzy-furry faces to name
but they have all brought me immense joy and love through the years.

What inspires you?  LIFE, love, friendship, beauty & laughter

List one thing on your bucket list:  LONG visit to my hometown state, California

Favorite thing about Jacksonville?  It’s a big town and a little town
at the same time

Any hidden talents?  Head banger, poi ball spinner, hula dancer,
beginner oil painter and a single mother of teenagers

Anything random you’d like to share?  Self-proclaimed photoholic,
lover of Marilyn and music therapy, nature-girl and all around crafty
gal loving Jax!

Website address:  T.B.A. but for now

Learn more about the I AM JAX Movement.



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