The Story Behind “The Separation”

Seperation 20″x30″ mixed media on canvas

I have a sister, 2 years older than me, and as children, we were inseparable. I have fond memories of her holding my hand wherever we went and if she had to leave my side, she would often hug & kiss me on the cheek as we parted. Of course, we had our moments of sibling rivalry that came with being a kid, but what sticks with me is the additional layer of protection and comfort that she was in my life.

I remember how devastating my first day of vacation bible school was. The bus ride there was fantastic & it involved all the kids yelling out the windows: “HONK YER HORN!!!” to random truck drivers that went by. The excitement and screaming involved when one of them actually honked their horn, was immeasurable but, all this excitement quickly dissipated as we unloaded from the bus and started to get separated by ages. It was at that moment, that I got a sinking feeling in my gut as I realized I had to be taken away from my sister.

I tried to be a “big girl” and not cry, but I could feel the lump in my throat getting bigger & bigger. In the classroom, I was given a page from a coloring book with a picture of Jesus on it and only one green crayon. Though I knew Jesus wasn’t green, I focused all my energy into coloring Jesus inside the lines till I couldn’t stand it anymore and the tears started to flow. One of the teachers came over to me and I told her my stomach hurt. She asked  if I wanted to see my sister and of course, I said yes and once again, I was reunited with her and all was good in my world again.

When my sister started kindergarten, it took a while for me to get used to watching her get on a bus and leave for a strange place without me, but it was a great day when I finally got to ride the bus with her as I started my first day of school. That joy quickly went away once we got there because once again, I found out we had to be separated. This was a vicious cycle in my life but, it was one I finally learned to cope with 🙂

I Remember When He Met The Crab

Available for sale. Price: $800 18″x36″ acrylic on canvas

We would often ride our bikes to Lake Pontchartrain to go crabbing and fishing. There were a lot of swampy areas around the lake that made the crabbing part really easy. Just tie a chicken leg to the bottom of a crab basket, let it sit for a few minutes and before you knew it, crabs were flocking to get in on the feast.

So, I’ve been asked many times what the story is behind this painting. Is it about my dog’s love for crabs? or maybe it’s about the crab’s love for my dog? Well, this is how this encounter went down. The day started out like any other day at the lake. We set up shop, dropped the baskets, cast our fishing lines, and just waited. The dog came and sat in the shallow water and watched, then out of nowhere, he started crying, whimpering. and running in circles. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, we checked his ears, his paws, his nose, his tail, until finally he dropped on his back and showed us his belly… then it all became clear. It seems a baby crab thought my dog would make a tasty treat and decided to pinch my dog’s “sensitive” area. It was not a pleasant experience for either the dog or the crab, but the situation was addressed, no permanent damage was noted, and the dog learned a very valuable lesson about sitting in shallow swamp water.

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“think small” MiNi Show Opening Reception 06.12.2010

“think small”

MiNi Art Show @ The Art Center II

229 Hogan St. Above Hemming Plaza Jewelers right next to the Skyway at the corner of Hemming Plaza.

Opening Reception Saturday, 06/12/2010, 7P-9P

I submitted the 3 works below, each work is mini, 5″ or under,  and all 3 were juried in to the show. Be sure to come by for this awesome exhibition.

** Remember to support your local artists who work hard to bring you a variety of art and culture to your city 🙂

“Dingo Goes to Philly” 4″x5″ acrylic on canvas

"You Can Never Be Too Prepared" 4"x5" mixed media on canvas

"Living Trees" 4"x4" acrylic on canvas

Some of my MiNis featured at TAC for First Wednesday artWALK

Return of the Crab... 4"x5" mixed media on canvas

In the Box Again... 5"x5" mixed media on canvas

Red Rover! Red Rover 4"x5" mixed media on canvas

Waiting Again... 4"x5" mixed media on canvas

MiNis, MiNis, & more MiNis

In celebration of “think small” juried art show on June 12th, TAC members have created lots of MiNis for this month’s artWALK 06/02/2010. They will be on display for the month of June @ TAC located  31 W. Adams St. for details on the “think small” juried art show, go to: