The 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a 2013 YCL Art Calendar

Are you one of the many people who are waiting ’til the last minute to get your 2013 wall calendar? Or maybe you’re one of those people thinking of just going to Walmart to get one of their mass produced cheap calendars? Well, if you’re either of the aforementioned people, then you might just be setting yourself up for disappointment as you get stuck with some not so exciting generic images of flowers or cats. No bueno O_o

To prevent this sort of lack luster yearlong visual monotony in the upcoming new year with a wall calendar that you don’t really like, take a moment to consider these 5 reasons why you should invest in one (or both) of these two YCL Art calendars featuring my original art work:

Reason #5: You’ll be supporting a local business (a.k.a. a local artist) and as we all know, Going Local (GoLO) is the new black 🙂

Reason #4: After 2013 is over, you will have 12 beautiful fine art prints that can be framed & enjoyed for many years to come…or re-gifted to that somebody special 😉

Reason #3: You know and I know that technology is not always foolproof, especially when we forget to charge our cell phones more than we’d like to admit which makes having a wall calendar a much needed necessity.

Reason #2: Another failed apocalyptic scare has come and gone so you will definitely need to prepare for next year.

Reason #1: It’s almost next year already! o_O

Yup, those are indeed, 5 very good reasons to invest in your very own 2013 YCL Art calendar.

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2013 Dingo Loves Jax Calendar


2013 YCL Art Childhood Calendar

OPERATION: Bring Art to the People (What Happened to the Chickens?! Edition)

In an effort to spread the message about the power of art, I took my children’s book illustrations for my story called, “What Happened to the Chickens?!” on my latest road trip and shared them with random people in random locations through random art drops. To read the entire story visit: What Happened to the Chickens?!

Even though I’m back from my road trip, I still have a handful more of illustrations to share periodically through the coming weeks so stay tuned 🙂

If you want to learn more about this public art project, read the back story here: OPERATION: Bring Art to the People





The Story Behind “The Separation”

Seperation 20″x30″ mixed media on canvas

I have a sister, 2 years older than me, and as children, we were inseparable. I have fond memories of her holding my hand wherever we went and if she had to leave my side, she would often hug & kiss me on the cheek as we parted. Of course, we had our moments of sibling rivalry that came with being a kid, but what sticks with me is the additional layer of protection and comfort that she was in my life.

I remember how devastating my first day of vacation bible school was. The bus ride there was fantastic & it involved all the kids yelling out the windows: “HONK YER HORN!!!” to random truck drivers that went by. The excitement and screaming involved when one of them actually honked their horn, was immeasurable but, all this excitement quickly dissipated as we unloaded from the bus and started to get separated by ages. It was at that moment, that I got a sinking feeling in my gut as I realized I had to be taken away from my sister.

I tried to be a “big girl” and not cry, but I could feel the lump in my throat getting bigger & bigger. In the classroom, I was given a page from a coloring book with a picture of Jesus on it and only one green crayon. Though I knew Jesus wasn’t green, I focused all my energy into coloring Jesus inside the lines till I couldn’t stand it anymore and the tears started to flow. One of the teachers came over to me and I told her my stomach hurt. She asked  if I wanted to see my sister and of course, I said yes and once again, I was reunited with her and all was good in my world again.

When my sister started kindergarten, it took a while for me to get used to watching her get on a bus and leave for a strange place without me, but it was a great day when I finally got to ride the bus with her as I started my first day of school. That joy quickly went away once we got there because once again, I found out we had to be separated. This was a vicious cycle in my life but, it was one I finally learned to cope with 🙂

Quality Time: Feeding Time

Price $1,015.  -Quality Time- Feeding Time. 36"x36" mixed media on canvas

Price $1,015. -Quality Time- Feeding Time. 36″x36″ mixed media on canvas

This particular image is of Delgado Community College in New Orleans where my mom took a few courses when we were kids in the 80s. There were plenty of ducks, fishies & turtles around the waterways to keep us busy while my mom was in class. I have several fond memories of taking old bread and crackers to local duck ponds and feeding various critters. It became such a wonderful experience having all these animals come out of the woodwork for feeding time. To this day, I still find myself at the local duck pond reliving and re-enacting this memory. 🙂

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