Dingo Love: Polite

Love is Polite

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Love is Polite

Once upon a time, The Dingo was walking down the street. He was enjoying the beautiful weather, stopping to smell the flowers, and reflecting on all that was good in the world when all of a sudden he got bumped off the sidewalk by a kid riding his bike. He didn’t hear the young rider say “Excuse me,” as he approached nor did he hear an “I’m sorry,” after he was obviously bumped. The Dingo was very shaken up and surprised at the lack of manners he just experienced. Not only could he have gotten very physically hurt from this encounter, but it seemed the young man could of cared less about the repercussions of his actions. He wanted to angrily yell at him, but decided to simply call out “Be careful!” hoping the young guy would heed his warning not only for someone else’s safety but also for his own. After The Dingo regained his composure, he brushed off the encounter and continued on his day.

He proceeded to the corner store to get a refreshing juice drink. As he walked in, he greeted the clerk behind the counter, “Hello, sir.” The clerk barely looked up from his magazine to even acknowledge The Dingo’s presence. He shrugged it off and headed to the refrigerated section for his favorite fruit drink but couldn’t find it. He decided to request some assistance from the clerk: “Excuse me, I don’t see my usual mango juice on the shelf, are you sold out or is there more in the back?” The clerk was very obviously annoyed and snapped back at The Dingo, “If you don’t see it, we don’t have it!” He was surprised at the lack of manners from the clerk, it made him feel unwelcome and like he was being a bother. The Dingo decided once again to brush off the encounter and politely responded with a smile, “Thank you for your time,” and continued on his day.

As The Dingo made his way back home, he realized how easy it was to forget our basic manners when going through our day. When we get so absorbed in our own world, whether it’s riding a bike or reading a magazine, we have to make it a purpose to always think of others around us and how our interactions make them feel. Today, it seemed like the world forgot how to be polite.

In his usual fashion, The Dingo decided to look up the word “polite” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and this is what he found:

  •  having or showing good manners or respect for other people
  •  socially correct or proper

Being polite, is about respect and when you choose to respect the people around you then you purpose yourself to respect everything about them. This includes respecting their personal space, their feelings, and even respecting their differences.

It’s important to choose to be polite to others, but it’s equally as important to remind ourselves that we have a choice to be polite even in unlikely circumstances. The Dingo chose not to yell out in anger at the young bicyclist after he was bumped off the sidewalk and he chose not to be as equally rude to the clerk in the store. He chose to rise above. After all, sometimes people have bad days, and all it takes is a warm smile and respectful encounter from someone else to help brighten a rather gloomy day.

Walk in Love.
Y.C.Lozano ©2014

The Dingo Walks in Love is a project that teaches lesson in love with the power of art, social media, books, pubic art, & random acts of kindness.

Dingo Love: Endures All Things

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Love Endures All Things

Once upon a time, The Dingo was having a very bad day. His usual morning walk was disrupted by a spontaneous thunderstorm. Soaked to the bone, he made his way back home, but soon he was going to find out that the thunderstorm was only the first of many problems that this day had in store for him.

After changing out of his wet clothes, he decided to tidy up a bit around the house and discovered some overdue bills that had fallen behind the couch. The Dingo was never late on his payments so he jumped to address the issue at hand. He tried to ignore the phone which kept ringing off the hook as he silently pondered the amount of late fees he would be accruing for this unfortunate oversight.

All of a sudden, there was a flash of lightening and a huge clap of thunder that not only spooked The Dingo, but it also spooked the cat and next thing you know, the cat is on top of The Dingo’s head! After catching his breath, he turned around only to find out that little Max accidentally spilled his drink on the recently cleaned carpet.

The Dingo didn’t know how much more he could take and he felt his blood boiling with frustration. It’s as if the whole world had turned itself against him. But, then he remembered something very important: Love Endures All Things.

He looked up the word “endure” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and he found these definitions:

    • to undergo (as a hardship) especially without giving in:
    • to regard with acceptance or tolerance

According to this definition, if love endures all things that means it doesn’t give in, it’s accepting and tolerant no matter what the circumstance. The Dingo decided at that very moment that he would endure!

He brushed aside all his frustration and embraced the day. All of a sudden all the drama didn’t seem so bad. He looked forward to clear skies so he could finish his walk; he called the bill collectors and explained the situation and they happily waived his late fees; to help the cat relax and get through the rest of the storm without incident, he turned on some classical music to help drown out the sounds of thunder; and finally, he helped little Max clean up the spilled milk and the carpet looked as good as new.

The Dingo purposed to make the best out of the rest of his day. He proceeded to plan some fun & creative rainy day activities with little Max which included baking cookies, playing an exciting game of charades, and finally, reading a good mystery together.

Once again, The Dingo saved the day with his quick thinking and his overwhelming desire to always walk in love 🙂


Walk in Love.
Y.C.Lozano ©2014

The Dingo Walks in Love is a project that teaches lesson in love with the power of art, social media, books, pubic art, & random acts of kindness.

Dingo Love: Patient

Love is Patient: Prints are now available through my Fine Art America store. Click the pic for more details.

Love is Patient

Once upon a time, The Dingo noticed he was losing his patience in different ways which resulted in fussy and rude behavior and he did not like this one bit.

The Dingo vowed to always walk in love as best as he knew how towards everybody and losing his patience definitely was not a good example of this. If there was one thing The Dingo knew, it was that “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”* and it was definitely time to do something about it.

First, he started by looking up the word “patient” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and found this definition:

  • able to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people
  • done in a careful way over a long period of time without hurrying

After reading this The Dingo realized that being patient means more than just thinking about himself, it means thinking about others. It’s thinking about how a rude and fussy attitude could make someone else feel bad, it’s recognizing that others are worth our time and investment and most of all it’s about showing the same love and patience that we would expect under similar circumstances.

As you can see from the illustration above, The Dingo decided to practice patience with his inquisitive little guy by reading him a book called “How to Love Cats.” It’s important for The Dingo to not only talk the talk but he also knows the importance of walking the walk because you never know who’s watching and learning from your example.

Walk in Love.
Y.C.Lozano ©2014

The Dingo Walks in Love is a project that teaches lesson in love with the power of art, social media, books, pubic art, & random acts of kindness.

Random Acts of Free Art Kindness in D.C.

#DingoLove in D.C.

The Dingo left the sunny (but often rainy) skies of Jacksonville, FL and went on an adventure in our nation’s capitol.  Check out some of the random acts of free art kindness (above) that were shared along the way with some pics of other great sites & scenes experienced (below) as The Dingo Walked in Love in Washington, D.C.