Because That’s How We Rolled in the 80s…

Let's Get Physical: Ode to Olivia Newton John. 36"x24" acrylic on canvas

I have a solo show up at 3 Layers Coffeehouse in Springfield showcasing a large body of my work, specifically highlighting the quirky and always fashionable styles & trends of my childhood. You’ll see lots of references to sweatbands, leg warmers, wooden tennis racquets and other random but memorable imagery 🙂


Three Layers Coffeehouse
1602 Walnut Street
Historic Springfield. Jacksonville, FL
Work will be on display through December.

To see pics of the work available for sale, visit my Facebook Page and feel free to share it with your peeps 🙂


JAZZ FEST Random Art Drop on the Skyway :-)

As I got ready to go to JAZZ FEST on Saturday, I knew part of my time would be spent in TAC II Studios helping to keep the place open for visitors, getting some much needed time in the studio, and then off to listen to some awesome music with friends. While coordinating my plans, I decided to make the Skyway my main mode of transportation into downtown, and not only would I not have to fight to find parking or get stuck in traffic, but I would get to enjoy a nice peaceful & beautiful ride over the St. Johns River into our Urban Core. Then, I also had an epiphany: the Skyway would be a perfect setting for a  Random Art Drop in an effort to continue OPERATION: BRING ART TO THE PEOPLE and also a good way to encourage people to take the Skyway. I did a total of 5 drops this weekend and unlike the JAX ART HUNTS which are more specific on clues with the when and the where, the Random Art Drops are meant to be just that: random, but also spontaneous and unplanned. Both projects, along with many other local & national projects, work together for the same greater cause: to help share the power of art with the people 🙂

View of our fine city from the SKYWAY as I start my JAZZ FEST adventure 🙂