JAZZ FEST Random Art Drop on the Skyway :-)

As I got ready to go to JAZZ FEST on Saturday, I knew part of my time would be spent in TAC II Studios helping to keep the place open for visitors, getting some much needed time in the studio, and then off to listen to some awesome music with friends. While coordinating my plans, I decided to make the Skyway my main mode of transportation into downtown, and not only would I not have to fight to find parking or get stuck in traffic, but I would get to enjoy a nice peaceful & beautiful ride over the St. Johns River into our Urban Core. Then, I also had an epiphany: the Skyway would be a perfect setting for a  Random Art Drop in an effort to continue OPERATION: BRING ART TO THE PEOPLE and also a good way to encourage people to take the Skyway. I did a total of 5 drops this weekend and unlike the JAX ART HUNTS which are more specific on clues with the when and the where, the Random Art Drops are meant to be just that: random, but also spontaneous and unplanned. Both projects, along with many other local & national projects, work together for the same greater cause: to help share the power of art with the people 🙂

View of our fine city from the SKYWAY as I start my JAZZ FEST adventure 🙂

“RED LIGHT!” in the Garden…

"RED LIGHT!" 24"x24" acrylic on canvas

It was a gorgeous morning in Jacksonville this past Saturday. The sky was a brilliant blue, the sun was shining, the flowers were in bloom and the free art was amazing. The 2nd ever JAX ART HUNT (JAH) was a huge success with the help of Arbus Magazine, Art in Strange Places, the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, & of course, all  the generous artists who donated their work.

The Cummer was having a free day on Saturday and they graciously opened their gardens to us as the starting point for our hunt. The energy was awesome and we got a chance to see some very excited folks as they stumbled across some free art. I decided to hide my “RED LIGHT!” painting in the gardens, which is the sidekick to my “GREEN LIGHT!” painting. I will be strategically hiding “GREEN LIGHT!” at next month’s JAH (rumor has it, that the next JAH may be held in St. Augustine! That will be confirmed asap. )

"Red Light!" "Green Light!" 2 panel, each 24"x24" acrylic on canvas

The last piece of free art was hid in San Marco at Pulp, where  some young lacrosse players stumbled across the fabulous work donated by Brian Gray. It was an awesome moment to see the looks on their faces when they realized it was their lucky day.

I can’t wait for April’s JAH, it’s going to be fun and bigger than ever. Stay tuned for more details as we find different ways to spread the power of art to our community 🙂



If you are an artist and would like more information on how to donate go to: Art in Strange Places

To learn more about the JAX ART HUNT, visit my prior posts: ART HUNT?! WHAT IS THAT? & Operation: BRING ART TO THE PEOPLE

Be sure to pick up an Arbus Magazine to stay in the know of all the fabulous art & culture things that are going on in Jax at any given moment 🙂

And last but not least, don’t forget to help support and spread the word regarding my inspiration for the JAX ART HUNTS: Chicago artist, Patrick Skoff. He will soon be taking his art hunt on the road and he needs your support, be sure to visit his Facebook Page for more details.



WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICKENS?! and other random art news :-)



Thank you so much for keeping up with my events and for all your support. February turned out to be a very busy and exciting month for me.

First, I found out that Blick Art Materials selected me to be their featured artist of the month for February on Facebook. It was quite an honor having them share my art work with all their fans on Facebook and Twitter and the icing on the cake was the $75 gift certificate I won for their store.

Mesh Magazine

Then I found out that George Akel, founder of Mesh Magazine, wanted me to be the first featured artist interviewed for their new feature: Mesh Radio. It aired on their site Monday, Feb. 28th. It was a great interview, so be sure to swing by the site and take a listen.

A New Direction…

I also recently decided to make it official: I will be actively pursuing a career in children’s book illustrting. I’ve been doing my research and feel comfortable and confident that this would be a good market for my style of work. I am currently in the phase where I am designing promotional materials, creating a specific portfolio to submit to publishing houses, and scoping out funds & resources to make each strategic step a succesful one. Every painting I sell will help me reach my goal that much sooner so if you’ve ever considered investing in some local art, now is a better time than any. My originals are available on my Etsy.com store or if you prefer to buy prints, you can visit my Fine Art America Store.

Above is an example of a children’s book illustration volunteer project I did with Hands on Jacksonville. Click on the image to see the book in it’s entirety.



JAX ART HUNTS are still in full effect and the next one will be Saturday, March 19th. For more info on the JAX ART HUNTS, go to: ART HUNT?! What is that?!

and to see how I extended the JAX ART HUNT to include Salt Lake City, go to: Salt Lake City: My Trip in a Nutshell

March 2nd, 2011 First Wednesday Art Walk

I will be hanging out in my studio at TAC II Studios located at 229 N. Hogan right above Hemming Plaza Jewelers from 6pm-9pm AND the painting above, “Self Portrait in Glasses” will be on display at TAC Gallery located at 31 W. Adams St. I hope to see you all out and about and helping to support the local art scene.


April 6th, 2011 First Wednesday Art Walk I will be the featured artist at TAC Gallery, so this means…

Your are cordially invited to:


And finally, thank you to everyone for supporting our local art scene, whether it’s by purchasing art, going to art events, bringing new people to art events, or just by simply forwarding this email to someone who might find it interesting. Jacksonville’s art and culture scene is thriving but it has a long way to go. With the help of our local artists and with our awesome community we can raise it to the next level of AMAZING 🙂

With Much Love & Thanks!

Yvonne C. Lozano

Salt Lake City: My Trip in a Nutshell :-)

The beginning of our journey, the first flight from Jax to Atl

So, as I defrost from my spontaneous trip to Salt Lake City, I smile and reflect on the series of events that brought me there. If it wasn’t for my older sister (2 years older) giving my younger sister (18 years younger) a ski trip surprise for her 16th birthday I may never of found myself in SLC this past weekend. Luckily, my  younger sister’s father wasn’t crazy about her traveling alone so he requested I tag along. So when I came home a few weeks ago, I was greeted by my mother telling me “Surprise! You’re going to Salt Lake City to be with your sisters!” Luckily, I’m currently self-employed as a full time artist, so technically I keep to make up my own schedule so the spontaneous trip did not interfere too much with my life. In actuality, it was a much welcomed break from my daily routine. I got to spend some much needed time with both my sisters, visit with my bro-in-law, the visual eye candy of God’s amazing natural creations was jaw dropping to say the least, and while there,  my older sister gave me my own belated birthday gift of ski lessons. I  can’t say I know how to ski, but I am definitely one step closer to conquering the bunny slope and my soul feels rested, renewed, and energized to keep chugging along my current path.

Art Drop #7 at Avenues Yoga

When I found out I was going to SLC, I couldn’t help but feel like I should extend the JAX ART  HUNT beyond Jacksonville. Not as a full blown art hunt, but with the main mission of the art hunt in mind: Instead of waiting for the people to come to the art, bring the joy of art to the people. So that’s exactly what I did, I loaded up a few of my flat canvas panel works that fit nicely into my carry-on and an extra piece from my good friend and fabulous artist, Susan Sapinski, and I kept an eye out for good drop off locations.

Sketch #7:MEM Gate, almost home.

I also got to spend a lot of quality time in my sketch book, this is something I haven’t done for some time. Airports and traveling in general are really some of the best places to draw people because they are usually distracted by their surroundings, but still sitting in one place long enough for a decent sketch. On this trip, we had 2 connections on the way to SLC (JAX-ATL-MEM-SLC) and on the way back only one connection (SLC-MEM-JAX.) I made sure to take advantage of as many unsuspecting passengers as possible for my sketchbook practice.

Me & my little sis had a snowman competition, it was a tie.

I’m looking forward to my next adventure, whenever that will be, I don’t know. Regardless, this was an amazing trip, from being able to spend time with my sisters, the random art drops, getting my very first ski lesson, the tour of the beautiful Mormon temple, being able to say that I walked 2 miles through the snow and even to the heated Snowman Competition between myself and my little sister, this was a great trip and I feel so blessed to of been able to be part of it. 🙂

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