One Spark meets #IMJAX

So, there’s this little event coming to Jacksonville known as One Spark. Chances are you might of heard about it, and if you haven’t then you may want to consider moving out of your cave because you might just miss out on one of the biggest things to hit Jacksonville. In a nutshell, it’s a festival that invites and encourages entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators alike to showcase their ideas to the masses to connect with a $250,000 crowd-fund plus additional capital investments and individual contributions in the hopes of making their ideas become realities.

And just so you all know, I am officially a One Spark Creator and will be showcasing my idea at the Hemming Plaza Skyway Station. You may be asking yourself, “What is your idea, Yvonne?” In which, I will graciously respond to you, “That is a fantastic question, and thank you for asking. As an extension of my Operation: Bring Art to the People project, without further ado, I present to you: #IMJAX.”

Poster 8x10

#IMJAX is a public/social art project that focuses on & celebrates the people who make up Jacksonville. Everyone who lives in northeast Florida can say with confidence “I Am Jacksonville.”

As everyone knows, it’s everyday people who make up a great city and this is an opportunity to highlight those people. My project will entail photographing people throughout our region, taking those photos & transforming them into life size silhouettes, those silhouettes will then be mounted throughout the walls of downtown. Each silhouette figure will have a QR code that when scanned, takes you to a small bio for that specific person. We often complain about how vacant and lonely our downtown is after 5 pm & on weekends, but picture hundreds of these silhouettes covering the walls of various downtown businesses and even throughout the abandoned buildings. With the figures in place, it will give the feel of a busy bustling downtown. In essence, it’ll be a precursor of what our downtown will begin to look like as we continue to grow. With hundreds to thousands of people from all walks of life directly connected to this project, the word of mouth buzz will be infectious, the excitement of seeing yourself in a piece of public art will drive people to bring themselves, friends & family to our urban core. It will re-engage that feeling of pride we had as children when we got to be part of something bigger than us.This project can also be extended to include these figures scattered randomly throughout the city that when scanned, they give an informative glimpse into the full scale project housed in our downtown along with that particular figure’s bio. This project can also incorporate a large scale interactive mural in the center of downtown that will elaborate and give a more in depth illustration of the vision behind the project. It will encourage people from all walks of life to participate, along with local heroes, public officials, and even our beloved pets. Due to the nature of the figures being faceless with little identifying characteristics, it’ll help to spread the message loud and clear that we are ALL important and vital to our city and that individually we can say with confidence: I M JAX πŸ™‚

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OPERATION: Bring Art to the People- the Donna Marathon 26.2 Edition

So last year, my 17 year old athletic younger sister told me that she was going to start training for the Donna Marathon in February 2013. At the time, it seemed so far away, but before I knew it, the big day had arrived.

As her big sister, I did what any supportive non-athletic artistic person would do: I made her this awesome poster…

The Dingo Loves The Donna Poster :)

The Dingo Loves The Donna Poster πŸ™‚

As you can see, the Jax Dingo made an appearance, sporting pink, wearing a ribbon, & covered in glitter to show his love and support for breast cancer awareness and my little sister.

So with poster in hand, we made it out the door before the crack of dawn, into the freezing cold temperatures, to witness history in the making. But to our surprise, we hit some pretty massive traffic in Ponte Vedra. The clock was ticking, my sister was getting very impatient and after what seemed an eternity, she yelled as she bolted out of the car, “I didn’t train for months and pay all that money for nothing!” She ran 2 miles just to get to the starting line. She made it just in time.

Then the race had began. As she commenced her 26.2 mile journey, my mom and I hopped a shuttle and proceeded to the 10 mile mark. We anxiously awaited my sister as we cheered on random runners, as we people watched,Β  as we sang, as we danced, as we jumped up and down to keep ourselves warm, and as we entertained ourselves, then we finally saw her…

Lil' sis at mile 10 :)

Lil’ sis at mile 10 πŸ™‚

Usually, a very serious runner, her face lit up when she saw us (and the fabulous poster of course.) We yelled & cheered “WAY TO GO ANGIE!!!” as she flew by. We were so proud, but now we had to wait for her to loop back around so I did what I do best when left to my own vices: I shared some free art πŸ™‚

Shared some art love at Sun Dog Steak & Seafood 207 Atlantic Blvd.

Shared some art love at Sun Dog Steak & Seafood 207 Atlantic Blvd.

Random bench on Atlantic Blvd in Neptune Beach.

Random bench on Atlantic Blvd in Neptune Beach.

Shared some art love at Sun Dog Steak & Seafood.

Shared some art love at Sun Dog Steak & Seafood.

Then, it was back to the race and guess who we saw at mile 17 looking as fabulous as ever? πŸ™‚

My lil' sis at mile 17.

My lil’ sis at mile 17.

That’s right, my little sister shining as bright as the sun! Now it was time to make our way to the finish line so we hopped on another shuttle and made our way.

My lil' sis crossing the finish line of her first marathon!

My lil’ sis crossing the finish line of her first marathon!

We couldn’t of been more proud of her as she crossed the finish line with a time of 04:29:31. Such a huge accomplishment for such a young person. It really shows that if you set a goal and work hard, you can accomplish almost anything! Or at the very least, get an awesome Dingo Love poster made in your honor πŸ˜‰


photo 2

Update: FREE Local Art for the Holidays?! Dingo Calendars and More :)

Free Art?…

That’s right, as I continue my public art/social awareness project that I like to call, OPERATION: Bring Art to the People, more people than ever are being connected to the power of art through random FREE art drops in our fabulous city and beyond. Sometimes the free art is big, sometimes it’s small, regardless of the size, it’s an original, one of a kind random act of kindness used to spread the word of how important it is to keep the arts alive in our city. My inspiration for this project came from Chicago artist, Patrick Skoff and his art scavenger hunts and now thanks to him and many other artists around the globe, the Free Art movement has become a worldwide phenomenon known as Free Art Friday, with a local chapter right her in sunny Jacksonville, FL: FAFjax. So, if you are looking for Free Art this holiday season, there is a very good chance you will find some at a random location near you πŸ™‚

*If you would like to help fund OPERATION: Bring Art to the People, today is your lucky day. With your donation, not only will you be part of this fantastic movement, but you will also be helping to fuel the Free Art machine that helps spread the message that: Art is For Everyone!Β  πŸ™‚


Don’t Feel Like Hunting Down Free Art in the Streets?…

No worries, you also have the option to buy art directly from me. I have an online Etsy Store that showcases some of my latest works, along with my 2013 Dingo Loves Jax Calendars & 2013 YCL Art Childhood Series Calendars, I have a Fine Art America Store where you can buy high quality low cost prints of many of my original works or you can also plan toΒ  visit to my studio during Art Walk or make an appointment to personally look around at all the goodies I have avaialble for your shopping pleasure. Don’t forget, if you want to have something especially created for you or for that somebody special just in time for the holidays, feel free to contact me asap to discuss the details and pricing.

Click the images below to purchase:

2013 Dingo Loves JAX Calendar available on my online Etsy Store

2013 YCL Art Childhood Series Calendar available on my online Etsy Store

Doggie Love Art available on my online Etsy Store (Pictured: Labrador Love)

One of a kind hand painted holiday ornaments will be available for sale during December’s First Wednesday Art Walk at my studio. Be sure to stop by to pickup yours πŸ™‚


Check it out! The Dingo Graces Folio Weekly’s Charity Ornament Auction!

Check out Folio Weekly’s Charity Ornament Auction. 10 local artists were selected to create an ornament that highlights Jacksonville and all proceeds go to the artist’s charity of choice, I selected Teen Challenge. Click the pic for details on the auction, and to find out more about Teen Challenge, and to get the story behind this ornament. Happy bidding and don’t forget that the auction ends on 11/26/2012 πŸ™‚


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…
As always, thank you to everyone, especially to those who have helped to keep our local artists in Jacksonville by collecting our art, supporting our events, and spreading the word. Our roots are growing deeper and deeper and soon our local scene will be in full bloom with the help of all of you and our hard working artists.