I Remember the Worst Day of My Life…


Price  $665. "I Remember the Worst Day of My Life: I Forgot My Crayons" 24"x36"

Price $665. “I Remember the Worst Day of My Life: I Forgot My Crayons” 24″x36″. Contact me to add this painting to your private art collection.

In kindergarten, we had cubby holes where we would put our school supplies. One morning, while emptying out my book bag, I realized I had forgotten my crayon box. I got a huge sinking feeling in my stomach. I wondered, “How am I ever going to get through the day without my crayons?”

Needless to say, I started to cry. 

The teacher ran over and asked if I was okay. I simply said, “My stomach hurts.”

She quickly got the front office to call my mom. A little while later I was in my own bed, waiting for my mom to bring me some soup for my aching tummy, which was no longer aching. As she fed me my soup, she asked “Are you feeling better?” I nodded my head as I told her how I had forgotten my crayons. With a look of understanding in her eyes, she asked, “Is that why you started crying?” 

I replied, “No.”

If she could only understand the feeling of helplessness I had the moment I realized my crayons were no where to be found, the way my stomach turned at the thought of a day without them, then she would understand that the stomach ache was real. 

My mom proceeded to feed me my soup and said “You know, next time you forget your crayons, you can just ask your teacher if you can share with someone.” The thought had never crossed my mind, if only I had known sooner 🙂