Art is Leaking Out of the Galleries and Into the Streets of Your City, Are You Ready?

Artists often find themselves in a predicament: too much creative energy and very little resources to express it. Sometimes it’s financial, sometimes it’s space or time limitations, while other times it’s simply lack of support from the community. I’m happy to say that the tides are turning in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, funding is still an issue which directly affects the amount of time we have to work on projects (no funding = day jobs for artists, funding = being paid for what we do best, making art) , BUT we are constantly and tirelessly finding ways to make things happen regardless of the obstacles and NOW we are getting much support & buzz from our community which is definitely a step in the right direction. 🙂

Many of us have been on a mission to educate the masses of the importance of having a strong artistic & cultural presence in our city. Often times, the arts are seen as disposable when in fact they are the very building blocks of a strong community. The arts generate revenue for our city and increase the quality of life for everyone.

Many artists are constantly trying to figure out how to define art and how to explain to the general public what art is and why it should be funded. Some say it’s just pretty pictures or decoration, while others say it’s expression of emotion or a way to document the world around you, but as simply put by my friend, Howard Lawson II, a Motion Graphics Designer, “Art is a form of communication.” It was so simple but so to the point. Artists are communicators. We use our craft to communicate feelings, moments, beliefs, thoughts, visions, histories, everything really. In doing this, we change the very nature of the environments we live and work in by bringing enlightenment, inspiration, education, discovery, and life to our community.

While most are accustomed to art being confined to galleries and museums, there is a new revolution going on that is bringing more and more art to the streets so that even more of the masses can become directly engaged and exposed to the power of art. Dolf James , the creator of Art in Strange Places, has been on a mission to do just that. Through hard work, blood, sweat and tears, and the help of several local artists eager to move our city into a new era, Dolf has accomplished so much by leaps and bounds in this very area. His most recent adventure has been the creation of Pop Up Galleries (PUGs). The general idea is to have these random, out of the ordinary, outdoor galleries placed randomly through out our city, in locations you would not necessarily expect to find fine art. These PUGs are making their grand debut on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011, at Main St Park during Downtown ARTwalk. Pictured below is my contribution to the PUGs, it’s a door size panel that I like to call “A Snoopy Fishing Pole, a Chicken Leg, & Lake Pontchartrain.” It’s a reflection on the time we spent fishing and crabbing on Lake Pontchartrain. Some other artists who have contributed work to the PUGs include but are not limited to: Pablo Rivera, Sharla Valeski, Doug Eng, Jim Draper, & Jim Smith. AND if that weren’t enough, one of my local favorites, experimental filmmaker, David Montgomery will be sharing one of his animation reels with us as well.

This is going to be an awesome, groundbreaking ARTwalk. With your support and the support of the city & our community, they just continue getting better and better. Don’t miss out 😉

“A Snoopy Fishing Pole, A Chicken Leg, & Lake Pontchartrain” 30″ x 70″ acrylic on wood door.

Another August ARTwalk Bonus…

In addition to the painting above, I also have a brand spanking new painting that will be on display at my studio located at TAC II Studios 229 N. Hogan right above Hemming Plaza Jewelers. I will be in my studio from 7pm-9pm, and prior to that, I will be be at Main St. Park behind the Main Library checking out the PUGs. I will also have additional work on display at TAC Gallery located at 31 W. Adams St. So, I hope to see you all out and about and helping to support the local art scene.

“Are You Ready For Some Kickball?!” 22″x24″ acrylic on canvas

And finally, thank you to everyone for supporting our local art scene, whether it’s by purchasing art, going to art events, bringing new people to art events, or just by simply forwarding this email to someone who might find it interesting. Jacksonville’s art and culture scene is thriving but it has a long way to go. With the help of our local artists and with our awesome community we can raise it to the next level of AMAZING 🙂

With Much Love & Thanks!

Yvonne C. Lozano

I Remember When He Met The Crab

Available for sale. Price: $800 18″x36″ acrylic on canvas

We would often ride our bikes to Lake Pontchartrain to go crabbing and fishing. There were a lot of swampy areas around the lake that made the crabbing part really easy. Just tie a chicken leg to the bottom of a crab basket, let it sit for a few minutes and before you knew it, crabs were flocking to get in on the feast.

So, I’ve been asked many times what the story is behind this painting. Is it about my dog’s love for crabs? or maybe it’s about the crab’s love for my dog? Well, this is how this encounter went down. The day started out like any other day at the lake. We set up shop, dropped the baskets, cast our fishing lines, and just waited. The dog came and sat in the shallow water and watched, then out of nowhere, he started crying, whimpering. and running in circles. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, we checked his ears, his paws, his nose, his tail, until finally he dropped on his back and showed us his belly… then it all became clear. It seems a baby crab thought my dog would make a tasty treat and decided to pinch my dog’s “sensitive” area. It was not a pleasant experience for either the dog or the crab, but the situation was addressed, no permanent damage was noted, and the dog learned a very valuable lesson about sitting in shallow swamp water.

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