Dingo Love: Rules of the Road

Love Is Following the Rules of the Road

Love is Following the Rules of the Road.

Love is Following the Rules of the Road.

Once upon a time, The Dingo heard a loud commotion outside his home. So he ran outside to investigate. As he walked across his yard to the sidewalk, he could see a crowd gathered in the middle of the road and  a lot of yelling going on.

“You shouldn’t of been speeding!” yelled Mrs. Bear.

“Well, your kid shouldn’t of been running out into the middle of the road!” yelled Mr. Gus.

Thankfully, little Lucky Bear was unharmed in the incident. It seems that on his walk home from school, Lucky Bear decided not to cross the street where the crossing guard was stationed and instead decided to break the rules of the road and cross where he wanted. To make things worse, Mr. Gus was also breaking the rules of the road. He was running late for an appointment so he was driving way faster than the posted speed limit. Luckily, for both of them, he noticed the little guy in enough time to come to a screeching halt barely avoiding an accident. Neighbors, along with Mrs. Bear, who had seen the incident were gathered around to make sure Lucky Bear was okay.

As the bickering continued over who’s fault it was, The Dingo decided to interject: “We ALL need to learn and obey the rules of the road. It doesn’t matter if we are walking or driving or young or old. Mistakes will happen because no one is perfect and the rules are made to protect everyone.” The crowd nodded in agreement as The Dingo spoke.

Both Lucky Bear and Mr. Gus broke the rules and someone could of gotten very hurt. They both apologized and both promised to do a better job of following the rules of the road.

The Dingo knew that while many were aware of the rules, many were not. He decided to invite everyone, children and adults alike, for a potluck dinner the next day in order to help raise awareness regarding the rules of the road to make the streets in their town safer. He contacted his local city government & arranged to get some informational brochures regarding the rules of the road. He handed those out to everyone in attendance.

Many topics were covered during the gathering including: sharing the road, pedestrian & bicycle safety, and defensive driving techniques, just to name a few.

It was a lot of work but The Dingo knows that following the rules of the road is very important and it can save someone’s life. This is just another way for people to walk in love towards each other and he is more than happy to help anyway he can.

Y.C.Lozano ©2014

The Dingo Walks in Love is a project that teaches lesson in love with the power of art, social media, books, pubic art, & random acts of kindness.

Dingo Love: Considerate

Love is Considerate

Love is Considerate,

Love is Considerate,

Once upon a time, while The Dingo was planning his lunch, he realized he was out of bread and a couple of other things around the kitchen. So he decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store.

As he pulled into the hectic parking lot, The Dingo couldn’t believe how busy it was! He circled and circled around for a parking space and he finally found one at the far end of the lot. He made his way to the front door and he noticed a guy who had just finished unloading his groceries into the back of his car. The same guy started walking the cart all the way back to the store, but The Dingo decided to help him out and offered to take the cart for him. “You are so considerate, thank you!,” said the guy as he handed over the cart to The Dingo. The Dingo just smiled and made his way towards the store pushing the cart in front of him.

He walked into the supermarket and parked the grocery cart into the appropriate area and grabbed a small shopping basket instead. As he made his way to the produce section he noticed an employee restocking the oranges and before he knew it, a few oranges had tumbled off of the shelf and began rolling down the produce section. As the employee frantically chased after the oranges, The Dingo jumped into action and helped him catch the remaining ones. “That was so considerate of you, thank you for helping me catch the run away oranges!,” the employee said to The Dingo. The Dingo smiled, placed the oranges on the shelf and continued shopping.

After grabbing the few items he needed, The Dingo made his way to the check out line and to his pleasant surprise a register lane had just opened with no lines and no waiting. As he walked over to the open lane, another customer with a full cart of groceries and a little guy in tow was making her way to the same register lane as well. She really seemed to have her hands full and even though The Dingo was first to the lane, he stepped back and offered her his place in the front of the line. “You are so kind and considerate, thank you!,” she said. The Dingo smiled and waited patiently for his turn.

On the drive home, he reflected and thought back to how many people called him “considerate” during his trip to the store. He thought about that word and as soon as he walked into his front door, he decided to look it up in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and this is what he found:

1:  marked by or given to careful consideration :  circumspect
2:  thoughtful of the rights and feelings of othersHe reflected on this definition and smiled. He enjoyed being thoughtful and knew deep down that thinking about the rights and feelings of others is a great way to walk in love. It’s very easy to go through life only thinking about our own needs and desires and we often complain about things that are an inconvenience to us e.g., the far away parking spot, the runaway oranges getting in our way, the long check out lines, etc. , but we rarely stop to acknowledge that there are other people around us dealing with the same issues. So we can either complain or follow the golden rule whenever we can: treat others as you’d want to be treated.
The Dingo chooses to walk in love and in the process, he hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Walk in Love.

Y.C.Lozano ©2014

The Dingo Walks in Love is a project that teaches lesson in love with the power of art, social media, books, pubic art, & random acts of kindness.

The Dingo Walks in Love: NOLA Edition

Dingo Love at City Park

Dingo Love at City Park

Dingo Love at the Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium

Dingo Love at the Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium

Dingo Love at Jackson Square

Dingo Love in Jackson Square

The Dingo Walks in Love: NOLA Edition

An impromptu road trip to my hometown this weekend not only sparked much nostalgia and an opportunity to show my hubby first hand where the inspiration for much of the art in my Childhood Series came from, but I was also able to spread some important lessons in love with the help of The Dingo with a few free art drops.

Check out the pics above to see where some of the drops were made and check out the pics below to see some of the other sights & flavors we got to indulge in during our visit.

The first book of The Dingo Walks in Love series will be available for sale on Oct. 15th, 2014 through Blurb.com. Be sure to follow The Dingo Walks in Love official facebook page or signup for my bi-weekly newsletter to stay in the know.

Thanks to all for your support and remember to walk in love!





Dingo Love: Self-Love

Love is Practicing Self-Love


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Once upon a time The Dingo noticed he wasn’t really himself anymore. He started to feel worn down, exhausted and just plain tapped out. He was still exercising & eating right, but something was definitely off. “Maybe I’m coming down with a cold,” thought The Dingo, “I better make an appointment with Dr. Bear, just to be sure.”

With his appointment made and hope in his heart for a speedy recovery, The Dingo made his way out the door and to the doctor’s office.

“Well hello there Dingo! What brings you in today?” asked Dr. Bear as he walked into the exam room. The Dingo went on to explain his strange symptoms as Dr. Bear listened intently.

After a full check up, Dr. Bear couldn’t find anything physically wrong with The Dingo. No fever. No infection. Not even a sniffle, but he could tell that something was bothering his patient. After all, The Dingo was very well known around town. His purpose to walk in love was talked about all the time and word spread quickly about how giving and thoughtful he was. It was rare to see him not smiling or full of life as a result of his actions.

Dr. Bear had a gut feeling about what could be wrong with The Dingo, so he asked him, “When was the last time you walked in love towards yourself?”

The Dingo was confused by the question and asked “What do you mean?”

“Well,” said Dr. Bear, “as important as it is to walk in love towards others, it’s equally important to walk in love towards yourself. If you are always giving of yourself, but never taking the time to refill yourself with the same energy and love you show others, you eventually start running on empty.” Dr. Bear went on to tell The Dingo about a renowned psychologist & social philosopher named Erich Fromm that said that loving oneself was important in order to love others properly. It’s called self-love.

Dr. Bear went ahead & wrote his patient a prescription for a day of rest and relaxation which was to be taken as needed.

It never dawned on The Dingo that part of his purpose to walk in love towards others meant that he had to also purpose to walk in love towards himself. Having this realization made The Dingo start feeling better almost immediately.

As The Dingo gathered his things and thanked Dr. Bear for his help, he couldn’t help but walk away with a skip in his step and a smile on his face as he made plans for a day of rest and relaxation. Per doctor’s orders, of course.

Walk in Love.

Y.C.Lozano ©2014

The Dingo Walks in Love is a project that teaches lesson in love with the power of art, social media, books, pubic art, & random acts of kindness.