Are You Ready for Some Kickball?!

Are You Ready For Some Kickball?! 22″x28″ acrylic on canvas

It was roughly 1982, and I was attending Phoebe Hearst Elementary School in Metairie, LA. Our P.E. uniforms were all green, with our school logo in yellow, not the most fashionable attire, but I don’t think school uniforms ever really are.

So with my favorite pair of green tennis shoes , my sweatband in place & my jock socks pulled up all the way, I was ready for some kickball action. I was the tallest & lankiest kid in my class and I was never really good at any sports, but one sport I was pretty good at was kickball.

There were several perks about this particular sport that seemed to work in my favor such as but not limited to:

  1. The ball was big & red, which definitely was a bonus for my poor vision.
  2. Unlike other sports, it was customary for the person serving the ball to ask you “How do you want it?” My response was always the same: “Slow and Bouncy!”
  3. The 2 previous perks allowed me enough time to brace myself, prepare my ridiculously long leg to swing, and with the bounce element factored in, I was also able to time my large foot exactly where it needed to be: right under the ball as it was coming down from a bounce.

With all the above in place, I swung with all my might, sending the giant red ball farther than most anyone in my age group, but never far enough for a home run. Though I had pretty decent kicking skills, my awkward stature made me a super slow runner. Either way, at the very least, I was able to impress the masses with my kicking ability, even if it only was just for a moment 🙂

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An Icee & a Slim Jim

"An Icee & a Slim Jim" 12"x36" acrylic on canvas 2005

My dad wasn’t around much when I was growing up, but that didn’t stop him from being the best dad he knew how to be. He called often, sent greeting cards for every occasion, and later in his life, I found out he always carried pictures of me and my sister  wherever he went. Of course, these are all things that weren’t appreciated to the fullest extent until later in my life.

One of my most fondest memories was when he took us to a supermarket named Schwegmann’s. There he would take us to the cafe area where he would buy us an Icee and a Slim Jim, happiness was so simple and inexpensive back then. It’s those small thoughtful moments that made time with my dad so special.

Five years ago I made & brought this painting to him in Colombia as a Father’s Day gift. It’s been 3 years now since he passed away and I find myself often remembering those final moments we had together, especially around Father’s Day…

Mis Novios (translation: My Boyfriends)

Mis Novios40"x30" acrylic on canvas$1,000

Mis Novios
40″x30″ acrylic on canvas

Growing up, my mom had an in-home daycare. Ashton & Eric happen to be 2 of the first children she cared for. We were all about the same age, between 4-5 years old, so we spent a lot of time together playing, running, jumping, exploring etc.. After a while, both Ashton and Eric fell head over heels in love with me and they would often fight over who loved me more. I don’t remember much of the details of these fights, but my mom tells me that they got pretty heated. Luckily, the fighting has subsided and we are still friends to this day 🙂

More NOLA…

The King Cake 11"x14" mixed media on canvas

So during Mardi Gras time, people like to celebrate with a King Cake. The general tradition is to bring a King Cake to a party & share with everyone. Inside the King Cake is a small plastic baby (a total choking hazard, but nobody seems to care) and whoever finds the baby in their piece of cake is responsible for buying the next King Cake, hence keeping the party going.

I remember being in kindergarten and being slightly scared to find the baby, but slightly excited to find it, too. Not having much money, made me wonder how we would afford a King Cake for the entire class, but to find it was like winning the lottery. 🙂


Beignets II 11"x14" mixed media on canvas

Then there were the beignets, which are basically French doughnuts sprinkled with 20lbs of powdered sugar. Cafe du Monde is the most popular place to get these wonderful delicacies and you always top it off with a café au lait (aka coffee with milk.) It’s really hard to eat the beignets without getting powdered sugar on your clothes, your hands, your face, or even your head. 🙂