OPERATION: Bring Art to the People (Hospital Edition)

"Dingo Love" at the Pedestrian Stop Sign

Yesterday, I discovered a dear family member needed to have emergency surgery today. No worries, all went well and she is happily on the way to a full recovery, but as I sat in the waiting room and looked around at all the concerned faces of loved ones & patients alike, I realized this was the perfect place to share some love & continue OPERATION: Bring Art to the People with a Sneaky Love Art Drop (Hospital Edition). So, I quickly got to work drawing what makes me happiest: doggie love!

Hopefully, whoever found today’s Art Drop, whether it be a patient, loved one, or an overworked employee, will be feeling a little more loved. Since I’ll be spending quite some time at the hospital for the next few days, there will likely be a few more drops made to brighten an unsuspecting random person’s day 🙂

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