JAZZ FEST Random Art Drop on the Skyway :-)

As I got ready to go to JAZZ FEST on Saturday, I knew part of my time would be spent in TAC II Studios helping to keep the place open for visitors, getting some much needed time in the studio, and then off to listen to some awesome music with friends. While coordinating my plans, I decided to make the Skyway my main mode of transportation into downtown, and not only would I not have to fight to find parking or get stuck in traffic, but I would get to enjoy a nice peaceful & beautiful ride over the St. Johns River into our Urban Core. Then, I also had an epiphany: the Skyway would be a perfect setting for a  Random Art Drop in an effort to continue OPERATION: BRING ART TO THE PEOPLE and also a good way to encourage people to take the Skyway. I did a total of 5 drops this weekend and unlike the JAX ART HUNTS which are more specific on clues with the when and the where, the Random Art Drops are meant to be just that: random, but also spontaneous and unplanned. Both projects, along with many other local & national projects, work together for the same greater cause: to help share the power of art with the people 🙂

View of our fine city from the SKYWAY as I start my JAZZ FEST adventure 🙂

Being an Artist is Serious Business

November ARTwalk is Tonight!


NOVEMBER  (MOVEMBER) First Wednesday ARTwalk
11.3.2010 from 5P-9P

I will be at TAC Gallery located at 31 W. Adams St during Nov. ARTwalk and my studio is also available for viewing at TAC II Studios located at 229 N. Hogan. Feel free to visit either location and if you are interested in making a purchase, feel free to contact me at 904-881-0120 or YCLart@gmail.com


It’s Time to Empower Artists

Why are most artists considered “starving”? Do you think only an artist who “suffers” in life is capable of making great art? Do you think being a Fine Artist is a real occupation? Many people reap the benefits of what artists do, but rarely do the artists prosper. It’s time to empower artists to break these myths and redefine their success. Read More…


CALLING ALL ARTISTS AND ART LOVERS! Mark your calendars for: GUESS WHO?! a special fundraiser to benefit participating artists & TAC

  • Guess who helps create jobs?
  • Guess who helps produce tax revenue?
  • Guess who helps attract tourism revenue?
  • Guess who helps revitalize rural areas & inner cities?

The answer is: ARTISTS
Artists deserve to be supported by our community and here is your chance. TAC is hosting a special fundraiser to help benefit participating artists & TAC.

So far, we have about 20 artists participating in this event. All works are on paper, either 4″x6″ for $20 or 8″x10″ for $50. There will be several dozens works to choose from in a variety of styles & mediums. These will make perfect unique gifts that can fit in anyone’s price range. Each piece is done anonymously & signed on the back, the identity of the artist is kept secret till the purchase is made, hence the Guess Who?! part 🙂

Works will be available for sale during December 1st ARTwalk from 5P-9p or join us for the opening reception December 4th from 6P-9P at TAC II Studios located at 229 N. Hogan.

If you are an artist wanting to participate go to www.TACJacksonville.org for more info

*deadline for submissions is November 23. 2010


July is Hot, but the Art is on Fire :-D

This month is very busy for me, be sure to check out the following events, spread the word, and help support the local art scene.

  • 07.07.2010 First Wednesday Downtown Art Walk

"I Remember My New Shoes" 30"x40" mixed media on canvas

On display at The Art Center located at 31 W. Adams St.

"The Waiting Continues..."40"x60" mixed media on canvas

On display at TAC II located at 229 Hogan above Hemming Plaza Jewelers

  • 07.10.2010 Reddi Arts Mural Celebration

Stop by Reddi Arts located at 1037 Hendricks Ave on Saturday 07.10.2010 to pickup a free mural t-shirt, I will be there from 11:30A-1:30P for a meet and greet & signing. For more info please visit the Reddi Arts Website.

  • 07.15.2010 Thursday is the opening reception of ARTrageous at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

"You Can Never Be Too Prepared" 22"x28" mixed media on canvas

The Women’s Center is located at 5644 Colcord Ave. Jacksonville 32211

For more info on this show visit The Women’s Center website.

Some of my MiNis featured at TAC for First Wednesday artWALK

Return of the Crab... 4"x5" mixed media on canvas

In the Box Again... 5"x5" mixed media on canvas

Red Rover! Red Rover 4"x5" mixed media on canvas

Waiting Again... 4"x5" mixed media on canvas

MiNis, MiNis, & more MiNis

In celebration of “think small” juried art show on June 12th, TAC members have created lots of MiNis for this month’s artWALK 06/02/2010. They will be on display for the month of June @ TAC located  31 W. Adams St. for details on the “think small” juried art show, go to: www.TACjacksonville.org