“ARTrageous” Opening Reception Thursday 7.15.2010


the humor, the absurd, the silly, & the provocative.

Opening Reception This Thursday, 7.15.2010 from 6;00P-8:00P at The Women’s Center of Jacksonville located at 5644 Colcord Ave. 32211

"When Chickens Attack" 8"x8" mixed media on canvas- AVAILABLE

Show will be on display from July 15th, 2010- September 24, 2010.

July is Hot, but the Art is on Fire :-D

This month is very busy for me, be sure to check out the following events, spread the word, and help support the local art scene.

  • 07.07.2010 First Wednesday Downtown Art Walk

"I Remember My New Shoes" 30"x40" mixed media on canvas

On display at The Art Center located at 31 W. Adams St.

"The Waiting Continues..."40"x60" mixed media on canvas

On display at TAC II located at 229 Hogan above Hemming Plaza Jewelers

  • 07.10.2010 Reddi Arts Mural Celebration

Stop by Reddi Arts located at 1037 Hendricks Ave on Saturday 07.10.2010 to pickup a free mural t-shirt, I will be there from 11:30A-1:30P for a meet and greet & signing. For more info please visit the Reddi Arts Website.

  • 07.15.2010 Thursday is the opening reception of ARTrageous at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

"You Can Never Be Too Prepared" 22"x28" mixed media on canvas

The Women’s Center is located at 5644 Colcord Ave. Jacksonville 32211

For more info on this show visit The Women’s Center website.

An Icee & a Slim Jim

"An Icee & a Slim Jim" 12"x36" acrylic on canvas 2005

My dad wasn’t around much when I was growing up, but that didn’t stop him from being the best dad he knew how to be. He called often, sent greeting cards for every occasion, and later in his life, I found out he always carried pictures of me and my sister¬† wherever he went. Of course, these are all things that weren’t appreciated to the fullest extent until later in my life.

One of my most fondest memories was when he took us to a supermarket named Schwegmann’s. There he would take us to the cafe area where he would buy us an Icee and a Slim Jim, happiness was so simple and inexpensive back then. It’s those small thoughtful moments that made time with my dad so special.

Five years ago I made & brought this painting to him in Colombia as a Father’s Day gift. It’s been 3 years now since he passed away and I find myself often remembering those final moments we had together, especially around Father’s Day…