Socially Engaging Public Art Projects

I truly believe in art’s capacity to impact the lives of random people on a daily basis and I also believe that art is for everybody! While galleries and museums are invaluable in many ways, I often notice that a lack of art appreciation classes in schools, leads to a huge amount of people thinking that art is only for the “upper class” or for those who are “educated” in art things, which in turn creates a disconnect from those who have been exposed to art at an early age and everybody else. Many people end up feeling excluded or not qualified to enjoy the art scene.  In contrast, public art projects have a way of engaging the masses regardless of race, color, or creed or schooling for that matter. The only prerequisite is that the public art be out in public (duh!). Add the aspect of a socially engaging public art project like the I AM Project or OPERATION: Bring Art to the People, and you have something that is not only visually appealing, but something that creates a word of mouth buzz that helps spread the love and impact of art to an even broader audience.


OPERATION: Bring Art to the People

OPERATION: Bring Art to the People



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