IMJAX4- Kerry

4 Kerry 72

First Name: Kerry

Age: Older than I look and MUCH older than I act

Occupation: writer/blogger/social(media)ite

Favorite Childhood Memory: Winning “Girl With the Best Sense of Humor” in Mrs. Hurlburt’s second grade class at Aston Elementary School. I would have said the family car trip from Philadelphia to Walt Disney World circa 1975 except for the memories I’d rather not remember.

Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): Impossible. My first kitty Zac Davis Griffin Jeremy Speckman (may he rest in peace) and current roommates—Fonzie Ann Mildred Speckman and Puddy Frederick Renaire Speckman—are unique, and I love them all equally (spoken like a true parent).

What Inspires You? Freedom to be myself and new experiences

List One Thing On Your Bucket List: Front row center seats for a Tears for Fears concert

Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: Riverside (aka my ‘hood) for its creative, open-minded people; locally-owned restaurants, shops, breweries and Sun-Ray Cinema; walkability, green spaces, varied architecture and general awesomeness

Any Hidden Talents?: Maybe not so hidden anymore since I am currently awaiting verification of a world record, but I can twirl the baton (record will be for fastest 15K while twirling a baton continuously). I can touch my chin with my tongue. I’m really good a crossword puzzles.

Anything Random You’d Like to Share?: I won the 2012 Jacksonville Dancing With the Stars. I wrote a book called “The Hooky Book” on ways to get out of work. In kindergarten, I knew all of the planets but couldn’t tie my shoes. I’m addicted to Diet Coke, own 32 pairs of sneakers and am obsessed with Oscar the Grouch.

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