Childhood Series

My Childhood Series is based off of real memories of my childhood. I’m the little girl in pig tails and my older sister is the figure with the curls and the dog in blue was our childhood pet, Snoopy. The figures are kept faceless, simple and outlined in black giving the initial appearance that a child could have created the work.

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4 thoughts on “Childhood Series

  1. I saw your art work at the Art Walk on the Landing, and I just fell in love with every piece. Your work is amazing and I enjoyed it 🙂

  2. I have never told you how much we have enjoyed the painting you did of our grandsons., last christmas. You are a very talented artist and we have received so many complements on it . It was a wonderful gift from our daughter and we feel very privileged to have a piece of your art work hanging in our home.I love looking at your painting, I always brings a smile to my face . Thanks Marcheale( Jamie Poggenpohl Lucas mother)

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