IMJAX9- Chaz


9 chaz 72First Name: Chaz.
Age: 47
Occupation: artist/arts activist/agent provocate
Favorite Childhood Memory: Sailing with my Dad
Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): my boy Brando, a shepherd mix. He saved my life. He was my only friend for some time. I will never stop missing him.
What Inspires You? people who care, give, and forgive
List One Thing On Your Bucket List: catch a ride on a whale shark or manta ray
Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: it may sound simplistic but my favorite thing about Jacksonville is that it is my home. which was a conscious choice on my part.
Any Hidden Talents?: most of my talents are very public. however I’m pretty good in the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking.
Anything Random You’d Like to Share?: Solidarity!
Website Address:

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