IMJAX8- Angie

8 ANGIE 72

First Name: Angie

Age: 18
Occupation: Professional Smoothie Creator
Favorite Childhood Memory: Early morning fishing trips with my parents. Chances were we didn’t have anything prepared so we would make numerous stops for bait, hooks, sunscreen, hats, recliner sun chairs, and fishing poles on the way to the beach. Even though we already had everything at home it was always fun to pick new stuff out and goof around in the store, mainly because we were together and happy doing it.

Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): I can’t pick a favorite pet, that’s just like asking me who my favorite child is. I can tell you one thing though; my beagle is louder than yours!

What Inspires You? just people in general. I fall in love with their passion. The way their eyes light up when they talk about something they love and you see that glimmer of light that wasn’t there before.
List One Thing On Your Bucket List: acquire complete self discipline
Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: Riverside! The people, the shops, the houses.. it’s all such a different world and so refreshing compared to the rest of Jacksonville.
Any Hidden Talents?: I ran my first marathon in February, got 2nd place in my age group, and qualified for the Boston marathon. AND I was not sore the next day.



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