IMJAX14- Tony & Codi

14 Tony and codi kimball 72

First Name: Tony (figure to the left)
Age:  63
Occupation:  retired from sales
Favorite Childhood memory:  Summers in Jacksonville, 1960’s in Empire Point(neighborhood off Atlantic Blvd.), spending time on the river, dances at Southside Womans Club, Ponte Vedra Beach and throwing newspapers at 5:30 am off Atlantic Blvd.
Favorite Pet:  Scobal  McLeash, Scottish Tarrier – just a great, very loving, one person dog that I took to work with me on the golf course.
What inspires you:  Family
List one thing on your bucket list:  Play golf at St. Andrews
Favorite thing about Jacksonville:  St Johns River passing thru the city
Any hidden talents:  Name that tune!!
Anything random you’d like to share:  I have a great love for Jacksonville!
First Name: Codi (figure to the right)
Age:  64
Occupation:  Retired Dental Hygienist
Favorite Childhood Memory:  Going to the lake around Keystone Heights and Jax beach, seeing the Beatles at the Gator Bowl,
Big Ape Radio Station, Beach Boys and Sam the Sham and the Pharohs at the Florida Theater.
Tell me about your Favorite Pet:  Sneakers, a little black cat with 4 white paws.  He turned on the gas stove, he pulled the flour container over on top of himself, he loved sardines and could smell them the instant the can was opened and he liked catching lizards.  One morning we heard him crying outside of the kitchen door because the lizard caught him and was hanging off of his tongue.  We had to pull the lizard off quickly, I’m sure it hurt.  He also climbed the pine tree across the street from our house and couldn’t get down.  Daddy called the fire department and they washed him out of the tree.
What inspires you:  My parents, they have always tried to do the right thing and follow the rules!
List one thing on your bucket list:  See Ireland!
Favorite thing about Jacksonville:  West side’s the best side!
Any hidden talents:  I have a good sense of direction.
Anything random you’d like to say:  Daddy was in the Army, but we always knew Jacksonville was our Home!!
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