The Dingo Loves Jax Series

The Dare Devil Dingo Crosses the Dames Point Bridge 8"x8" mixed media painting on canvas

The Dare Devil Dingo Crosses the Dames Point Bridge
8″x8″ mixed media painting on canvas-SOLD


The JAX Dingo was the unofficial mascot of Jacksonville, FL. As a native, he was an avid city-trotter (also a world renowned globetrotter) and an outspoken advocate for J’ville. By visiting many of our beautiful well known and lesser known landmarks, he helped to bring into the public’s eye the beauty that is nestled under our very noses everyday. He used public media and socially engaging public art projects (such as Operation: Bring Art to the People) to not only help expose random people to the awesomeness that is Jacksonville, but he used the power of art to do so as well. He was an inspiration and a model for his mom, who continues to make art that glorifies him. 🙂

SALES TAX INCLUDED.  Contact me to make a purchase or if you have any questions or concerns.

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