IMJAX7- Jamie

7 Jamie 72

First Name: Jamie

Age: 30

Occupation: photographer & videographerFavorite Childhood Memory: My favorite childhood memory is when I was 10 and my family traveled to Wrightsville Beach, NC and rented a house for a week. My family and I are not from the beach so that was special for me. I remember the high tide coming up to the bottom step of the deck of our rental house. That’s probably when I fell in love with the ocean.Tell Me About Your Favorite Pet (past/present): My 15 pound cat Tommy likes to “talk” a lot, just like me.What Inspires You: People, especially artists, with ambition who go after their dreams inspire me.List One Thing On Your Bucket List: I’d like to travel to Australia or Asia and have one of my photos from there published in a major magazine.

Favorite Thing About Jacksonville: My favorite thing about Jax is my friends – and the beach.

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